Saturday, October 15, 2016

All Vinyl Episode, Danny Kroha & Show # 625

On this week’s episode of Revolution Rock we played music from vinyl records only. The show got off to a rocky start, but it featured a selection of current, obscure music and some of our favourite records. The playlist was selected spontaneously and on the fly. You can view the playlist and download the episode in the link below the playlist in this post.

Additionally, we featured a selection from Danny Kroha’s 2015 release Angels Watching Over Me. Released on Third Man Records, this album is Kroha’s take on the traditional folk, blues and gospel genres. Danny Kroha is a founding member of the Detroit garage trio The Gories and has played in numerous garage oriented rock bands such as The Demolition Doll Rods, The Readies and others. He also currently plays in a garage band called Danny & The Darleans. Danny stopped by CJAM FM’s studios at the end of August and performed three songs for a new video/audio series that I have started that we’re calling CJAM Sessions. You can view his performance in this video below.

Saturday Night Playlist:

1. Marvin Gaye - Ain't That Peculiar
2. Mark Sultan - Pounding
3. Tim Buckley - Move With Me
4. The Beach Boys - Heroes & Villains
5. Young Rival - Workin'
6. R.E.M. - Fall On Me
7. The Smiths - Hand In Glove
8. Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs - Season Of The Witch
9. Shotgun Jimmie - Solar Array
10. Gang Of Four - To Hell With Poverty
11. Ritual Howls - A Thoughtful Beast
12. Joy Division - Exercise One
13. Cellos - Stowaway
14. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - From Her To Eternity
15. Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited
16. Danny Kroha - Cannonball Blues
17. Hank Williams - Bachelor Till I Die
18. Ray Condo & The Hardrock Goners - Willing And Ready
19. Luxury Christ - Black Book
20. Dion Lunadon - Com/Broke
21. Dinosaur Jr. - Fury Little Things
22. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - I Wear Black
23. The Diodes - Burn Down Your Daddy's House
24. Patti Smith - Free Money
25. Iggy & The Stooges - Search & Destroy

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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Bell Peppers, Nirvana & Shows # 623 & 624

The Bell Peppers - Born To Love

The Bell Peppers are a rock n’ roll combo out of Manchester, UK. They play a mix of surf, R&B and beat music. This track “Born To Love” is part Bo Diddley, part surf, Part garage, and a lot of shaking rock n’ roll grooves. It is from a forthcoming EP to be released by the band. Their last release, Sizzling Hot Bell Peppers was released in 2013. All of their music is currently free to download via their bandcamp page.

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Top Of The Pops 1991)

In September, Nirvana celebrated the 25th anniversary of their breakthrough album Nevermind. In November of 1991, Nirvana was asked to perform their hit single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on the Top Of The Pops TV show in Britain. For this program musicians usually mimed along with an instrumental backing track version of the song. When Nirvana asked to perform the song live, they were denied. The vocals, however, were live. As a result, Nirvana mimed along to the instrumental backing track out of time and Kurt Cobain sang the song in a deep, low voice. It was later revealed that he was doing his best Morrissey impression, but this version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” goes down as one of the memorable, rebellious performances of the Top Of The Pops TV show. It was cut short midway through the song when the audience rushed the stage.

Playlist for Show # 624:

1. Carl Perkins - Matchbox
2. Patsy Cline - I Got A Lot Of Rhythm In My Soul
3. Wes Dakus & The Rebels - Seesaw
4. The Chantays - Monsoon
5. La Luz - Don’t Wanna Be Anywhere
6. Kim Gray - Little Saigon
7. Kate Fagan - Master Of Passion
8. Twist - Can’t Wait
9. Preoccupations - Stimulation
10. The Wicked Awesomes - Somewhere In Nowheresville
11. Zoom - Subway Surfin’
12. The Damned - See Her Tonight
13. Rudi - Big Time
14. X Dreamysts - Dance Away Lover
15. Bell Peppers - Born To Love
16. Lightbulb Alley - Pepper Spray
17. Ricked Wicky - The Important Girl
18. Guided By Voices - My Zodiac Companion
19. Guided By Voices - I Certainly Hope Not
20. Guided By Voices - Long Distance Man
21. Run Coyote - Troubles
22. Radiohead - The Numbers
23. Ohtis - Pervert Blood
24. The Brandy Alexanders - Hey, Why'd You Do It?
25. The Nots - Cosmetic
26. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (TOTP 1991)
27. Pavement - Perfume-V
28. Teenage Fanclub - I'm In Love
29. By Divine Right - Complicated
30. By Divine Right - Uncontaminable

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for October 8.

Episode # 623 was a repeat of a previous episode that originally aired in January 2015. You download that episode here and view the playlist here.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Gruesomania & Shows # 621 & 622

It’s 2016, I’m standing in a local record store and looking through the used bins and CD sections to see if maybe there are any Gruesomes releases. Their music is scarce in record stores these days, but you never know. On the vinyl side of things, there are Gruesomes records missing from my collection. I recall reading that Gruesomania was reissued on vinyl recently. I quickly place an order. Emerging from Montreal and rising to popularity in parts of Europe and the North American underground music scenes, Gruesomania followed 1986’s Tyrants of Teen Trash. Originally released in 1987 on OG Music and recorded in Montreal, Gruesomania is often seen as one of the band’s best efforts released during their initial run as a band from 1985-1990.

The Gruesomes took influence from obscure garage compilations, 60’s garage and R&B acts and merged it with the visceral energy and attitude of 70s punk rock. Placing the record onto my record player, as the record catches “Way Down Below” opens Gruesomania with its spooky, fuzzy garage riff. This song draws on images of a bad relationship, hell and the band's horror/b-movie styled humour. A performance based music video for this song received high rotation on Much Music in Canada in the mid-80s. Gruesomania is filled with the same snotty energy as Tyrants Of Teen Trash, but also adds more of a soulful/R&B rhythm to their sound. This was in part due to John Knoll joining as the band’s drummer, replacing original Gruesome member Eric Davis. The album combines raved up Gruesome originals and several R&B/garage covers. The third track “Leave My Kitten Alone” is sung by guitarist Gerry Alvarez and complete with raunchy, twangy guitars and catchy vocal harmonies. This song was covered by The Beatles, but was originally released in 1959 by Little Wille John.

The rough and raunchy, “Ain’t Got Nothin’” about a snooty rich girl comes in as track four with stop and start guitar stabs and a sleazy R&B groove before the album’s first instrumental track “Whirlpool”. This short surf instrumental track is a smooth interlude awash in drums that are heavy on the ride cymbal, guitar solos, bouncy basslines and reverb soaked guitar sounds. On the back of the Gruesomania record, there is a short description of the record by Fuad Ramses and then a brief description of each song on the album, ala old blues and garage records. “I Can Tell” is a song originally by the band’s “Spiritual mentor and close friend: Mr. Bo Diddley” as it is stated on the back of the record. “Buzz Off” ends side one of Gruesomania with heavy bass, snarling vocals by Bobby Beaton and harmonica, a song that is described as a “pretty hot classic” on the back of the record.

If side one of Gruesomania started with the horror stylings of “Way Down Below” and songs that seem to question relationships that could be going wrong, side two starts off with “Je Cherche”, a song that starts off with an explosion, literally. Originally by Les Lutins in 1967, the song's title roughly translates into “I’m Searching” in English. This song starts off with lyrical subject matter that seems to question several of the topics brought up on the first side of this LP. “Why Me?” is a song about boredom, TV dinners, lack of cash and loneliness, “Time’s Gonna Come” shows The Gruesomes getting thrashier, fuelled on adrenaline, along with the instrumental “Jacknife”. “Outta My Mind” is a raved up garage song complete with harmonica, thick R&B influenced bass grooves from John Davis and intense vocals sung by guitarist Gerry Alvarez. Described as a song about “A tale of mistaken identity”, this song as do many on the second side of this LP, picks up on the band’s undeniable energy and chemistry. “You Said Yeah” is a fuzzy heavy guitar driven song that comes in as track thirteen before the album’s last track. “Heart Full Of Pain” is a slower song, complete with tremolo guitar and a paced soulful executed groove.

As Gruesomania ends, there is a short, hidden track, which features members of the band messing around on a piano and with each other. This, along with their sense of humour in their songs and in the actual liner notes, showcases The Gruesomes ethos and aesthetic. As the album ends, the record crackles and hisses as the record needle rises, I recall a review of this album from 2009, which describes the album’s production levels as “below that of farting into a ghetto blaster's built-in microphone”. This humorous comparison while partially joking brings forth the fact that The Gruesomes were all about their chemistry. The album does lend itself to the lo-fi realm of recording, despite not being recorded on 8 track. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with the sound of this album. It was never going to have over the top 80s over production techniques of the day. That isn’t the point and never was.

Rising from basements in a variety of reissues in different forms intermittently since 1987, Gruesomania was released on CD via Ricochet Sound in 2008 with bonus tracks and released on vinyl via Artofact records in 2015. Raised on bad TV shows, obscure garage nuggets, boredom and snotty, adrenalized enthusiasm, Gruesomania is infectious in its execution. Catch Gruesomania. It’s just as contagious today as it was in 1987.

Playlist for Show # 621:

1. The Barracudas - Summer Fun
2. The Submissives - Do You Really Love Me?
3. The Beatles - Cry For A Shadow
4. Wilco - I'm A Wheel
5. Tom Waits - I Don't Wanna Grow Up
6. The Good Family Album - Taller Than The Pines
7. Danny Kroha - The Road is Rough And Rocky
8. The Pogues - Bottle Of Smoke
9. Uncle Tupelo - Screen Door
10. The Gories - On The Run
11. The Pack AD - Is It So
12. Mexican Knives - Nightmare
13. Cellos - Standard And Poor
14. By Divine Right - Stretch Parachute
15. The Pixies - Holiday (live In Detroit 11.22.04)
16. Ty Segall Band - The Tongue
17. Sonic Youth - Tom Violence
18. PJ Harvey - Stella
19. Protomartyr - What The Wall Said
20. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Down At The Rock n' Roll Club (Alternate Version)
21. Blondie - Eat To The Beat
22. Weird Lines - There Are Never Too Many Matches
23. Archaics - No In No Out
24. Square Waves - All That's Left
25. The Famines - Got Lies If You Want Them
26. Dion Lunadon - 1976
27. The Gruesomes - Jacknife
28. The Gruesomes - Outta My Mind

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for September 17.

Episode # 622 was a repeat of a previous episode that originally aired in September 2015. You download that episode here and view the playlist here.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Thee Oh Sees A Weird Exits & Shows # 618, 619, 620

Thee Oh Sees latest effort, A Weird Exits arrives as a double LP with longer songs that showcase a new range in dynamics for the band. Being the first album to capture Thee Oh Sees new line-up which features two drummers, Ryan Moutinho and Dan Rincon, along with bassist Tim Hellman, who joined Thee Oh Sees in 2014, A Weird Exits produces a new type of groove. Still led by the ever prolific and frontman John Dwyer, Thee Oh Sees vicious and manic live sound is captured here in top form. If 2015’s Mutilator Defeated At Last explored more medieval and folk-like imagery in the songs, A Weird Exits blasts off into outer space, lyrically and musically taking on a cosmic context.

“Dead Man’s Gun” starts off the album in a jittery tempo that sounds as if it was plucked right out a recording from the band’s live set. The double drum rhythm section weaves in-between Hellman’s bass groove and Dwyer’s growling guitar sounds. The lyrics are sung by Dwyer in his traditional vocal style, drenched in reverb and floating above the instrumentation. “Ticklish Warrior” is a heavier track in the style of “Withered Hand” from 2015’s Mutilator Defeated At Last, “Jammed Entrance”, is where the album switches up the pace and ventures into a different direction. If the first two tracks emphasized the band’s live components, “Jammed Entrance” travels into new territory, a five minute instrumental track complete with razor sharp psychedelic guitar leads and synthesizers sounding as if they are communicating some sort of Morse code message into outer space. “Plastic Plant” showcases the band’s heavier and mid-tempo grooves, building on the sounds from “Jammed Entrance” as lyrically with words such as “Face aghast in electric glow”, “Lifeless eyes locked in a spell” and “You’re Half gone/You Can’t Deny It/But I think that you don’t know”, the song brings up emotions of feeling lost in a void, but also sound as if they could be describing a character from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

“Gelatinous Cube” picks up the pace with frantic, cleaner sounding guitars and snarling vocals from John Dwyer. The band is vicious here and rapid as the lyrics portray a hungry space-like creature on the hunt. “Unwrap The Fiend Pt.2” is another long instrumental track that explores different sounds, but one that sounds as if it could be background music in a science fiction film, perhaps Blade Runner at certain moments. “Crawl Out From The Fall Out” is an atmospheric, slow building track, vocals come in at the halfway point from both John Dwyer and Brigid Dawson. Lyrically, it seems to question a world with nothing at all in it. “The Axis” ends A Weird Exits. Covered with organ and drawing comparisons to the 1967 single “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” by English rock band Procol Harum, “The Axis” tells the tale of a character that is appalled by the other and can’t wait for them to leave. The last lines of this song “And by the time you hear these words/Your wicked face will be gone from my mind” perfectly exemplify the sentiment displayed here. The lyrics contrast with the 60s influenced melodies and like many of the lyrics on the album, they can be looked at in more than one way. They could be referencing the space imagery and the tale that is woven throughout A Weird Exits musical fabric or it be about a soured relationship.

As A Weird Exits ends, the controlled chaos found within both disconnects itself from past Oh Sees glories and stays connected with a previous make up. While many may say that the sound hasn’t changed that much, Thee Oh Sees music is both undeniably Thee Oh Sees and fresh sounding. With A Weird Exits, Thee Oh Sees focus on a new entry and exit point musically in a way that only they can.

Show 620 (Originally Aired September 10th, 2016):

1. Jay Jays - I Keep Tryin'
2. Brazilian Money - Big Money
3. Wild Racoon - Oh Well, Okay
4. No Aloha - Role Reversal
5. Car Seat Headrest - 1937 State Park
6. Tuns - Mind Over Matter
7. Tuns - To your Satisfaction
8. Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me
9. Cass Mccombs - Bum, Bum, Bum
10. Wilco - Someone To Lose
11. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Rings Of Saturn
12. Adam Ant - Friend Or Foe
13. Snake River - Who'll Tell Our Story?
14. The Sonics - Psycho
15. Caps - Red Headed Flea
16. Junior Raymen - Rumble 66
17. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - They Don't Call Them Chihuahuas Anymore
18. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - (Relax) You Will Think You Are A Chicken
19. MC5 - Future/Now
20. Van Morrison - The Way Young Lovers Do
21. Kim Gray - Frank Sinatra
22. Kim Gray - Yesterday's Smoke
23. Beat Happening - Polly Pereguinn
24. Thee Oh Sees - Tunnel Time
25. Violent Fememes - Killing Time
26. Buzzcocks - Time’s Up

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for September 10.

Show 619 (Originally Aired September 3rd, 2016):

1. Thee Oh Sees - Deadman's Gun
2. Thee Oh Sees - Plastic Plant
3. Condition - Wet Shoes
4. Perky Pat - The Bells
5. Art Bergmann - My Empty House
6. Kate Fagan - I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool
7. Brain James - Where Did I Find A Girl Like You
8. Rock & Roll Monkey & The Robots - Liquefy
9. Gringo Star - Rotten
10. Jeremy & The Harlequins - Oh Yeah (I Did It Again)
11. Shotgun & Jaybird - Two And Two Is Four
12. Roy Culbertson III - Whole Eden
13. White Fence - Beat
14. The Zellots - Soldiers
15. Sheep Look Up - Civil Disobedience
16. Teenage Head - You’re Tearing Me Apart (Live 1978)
17. Neil Young - Albuquerque
18. Joe Strummer & The Latino Rockabilly War - Baby The Trans
19. X - The Once Over Twice
20. The Famines - Faux Famous (Live July 14, 2008)
21. Trout - This Mystic Decade
22. Ty Segall - People These Days
23. Red Hot Gospel - Reprise
24. Jay Arner - Crystal Ball
25. Them - I’m Gonna Dress In Black (Version 2)
26. The Scientists - Shake
27. The Scientists - Swampland

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for September 3.

Show 618 (Originally Aired August 27th, 2016):

1. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings -Tell Me
2. Barrett Strong - You Knows What To Do
3. Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs - Do Ya Feel It Too?
4. Cold Warps - Take Your Time
5. Cool Ghouls - Never You Mind
6. Hot Panda - Golden Arch
7. Snake River - I Was Very Drunk Jeanie
8. The Pack AD - Yes, I Know
9. Courtney Barnett - Aqua Profundal
10. Ranch Ghost - Ragged Mile
11. The Good Family - Restless River
12. James O-L - Yellow Gold
13. Ohtis - Runnin’
14. Danny Kroha - Angels Watching Over Me
15. Elvis Costello - Waiting For The End Of The World
16. The Finks - Magic Eyes
17. Gentlemen Of Horror - Overhead Projector
18. Pow Wows - You Haven’t Got Me Yet
19. Light Bulb Alley - I Only Got Two Feet
20. Pretty Things - Come See Me
21. Skinny Kids - All Gold
21. Thee Rum Coves - GCSB
22. The Halo Benders - Lonesome Sundown
23. Mystery Lights - Flowers In My Hair Demons In My Head
24. Thee Oh Sees - I Come From The Mountain (Live In San Francisco)
25. Thee Oh Sees - Tidal Wave (Live In San Francisco)
26. Thee Oh Sees - Gelatinous Cube

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Interview with John Doe of X & Show # 617

This week’s episode of Revolution Rock featured an interview with John Doe of the band X. This Los Angeles band formed in 1977 and were part of the first wave of American punk. X released seven full-length albums in their initial run as a band from 1980 to 1993. X reunited in the 2000’s and tours intermittently with the original band line-up. The band is currently on a tour and stopped by Detroit’s El Club on August 20th and 21st to perform Los Angeles and Wild Gift in their entirety. John has also been involved in numerous films and is an author. He recently wrote a book about the Los Angeles punk scene with Tom DeSavia called Under The Big Black Sun: A Personal History of LA Punk. In addition to other music related projects that he has been a part of, John released his latest solo album The Westerner in April 2016.

Check out my interview with John Doe below:

The Playlist:

1. Art Bergmann - Company Store
2. U.I.C. - 2 + 2 = ?
3. John Doe & The Sadies - Night Life
4. The Sadies - Cowhand
5. X - Los Angeles (Demo)
6. X - Johnny Hit and Run Pauline

John Doe Interview

7. X - I'm Coming Over (Demo)
8. X - Adult Books
9. John Doe - Get On Board
10. Japandroids - Sex & Dying in High Society
11. The Nerves - Hanging On The Telephone
12. The Go Gos - Skidmarks On My Heart
13. Young Rival - Black Is Good
14. Joel Plaskett Emergency - Come On Teacher
15. PJ Harvey - Hitting the Ground
16. Gordon Gano - Make It Happen
17. Violent Femmes - Issues
18. Alan Vega - Kid Congo
19. Alan Vega - Goodbye Darling
20. Jerry Nolan - Take A Chance With Me
21. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Smitten (Demo)
22. X - Soul Kitchen
23. X - Beyond and Back

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Revolution Rock: Radio Brain Drain - Vancouver Special & Show # 616

To kick off CJAM FM’s Radio Brain Drain, a weeklong celebration of punk rock and all its forms, Revolution Rock hosted a special program. The show focused on the early Vancouver punk music scene along with new and old music from Vancouver that shares the spirit of the Ramones and punk rock. Also featured on the program was an interview that I did with Nick Jones of the now legendary punk/power pop band The Pointed Sticks in 2015.

You can listen to the interview here and download the radio program in a link below the playlist:

Radio Brain Drain 2016 Playlist:

1. DOA - Take A Chance (Something Better Change - 1980)
2. Active Dog - Rat Race (Rat Race/Good Filthy Fun - 1979)
3. Tim Ray - Dying In Brooklyn (Vancouver Complication - 1979)
4. Adrian Teacher & The Subs - Charmless Babes (Terminal City - 2016)
5. Thee Goblins - The Good Jacket Theme (The Good Jacket Presents ... Vancouver Special - 2000)
6. Riff Randells - Sombody's Mom (The Good Jacket Presents ... Vancouver Special - 2000)
7. The Secret V’s - Waiting For The Drugs To Take Hold (No Life Like It - 1980)
8. Tough Age - Snakes & Ladders (I Get The Feeling Central - 2015)
9. Energy Slime - Bustin’ Up (New Dimensional - 2014)
10. Nervous Talk - Nothing To Say (Nervous Talk - 2015)
11. Pointed Sticks - It’s O.K. (Waiting For The Real Thing - 2006)

Nick Jones Pointed Sticks Interview

12. Pointed Sticks - La La La (Pointed Sticks - 2015)
13. White Lung - Viva La Rat (It's The Evil - 2010)
14. Japandroids - Wet Hair (Post-Nothing - 2009)
15. Maow - Ms. Lefevre (The Unforgiving Sounds Of Maow - 1996)
16. Cub - Motel 6 (Betti-Cola - 1993)
17. The New Pornographers - Mass Romantic (Mass Romantic - 2000)
18. The Evaporators - I Gotta Disease (I’m Addicted To Cheese)(Ripple Rock - 2004)
19. The Evaporators - Nard Nest (Ripple Rock - 2004)
20. Mystery Machine - Japanese Dads (Western Magnetics - 2012)
21. Buddy Selfish - It’s Only Make Believe (Bud Luxford Presents: On Sale Inside - 1981)
22. Indian Wars - Denny (Songs From The North - 2012)
23. Dead Ghosts - On Your Own (Can't Get No - 2013)
24. The Modernettes - Rebel Kind (View From The Bottom - 1982)
25. The Dishrags - Carry On (Love/Hate - 1997)
26. Antheads - Think Fast (Some Plastic Flowers & Fruit - 2010)
27. Young Canadians - I Hate Music (No Escape - 1995/Vancouver Complication - 1979)

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for August 13.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

The Frights Interview, Shotgun Jimmie & Show # 615

The Frights Interview

This week’s episode featured an interview with Mikey Carnevale the singer/guitarist in The Frights. With influences such as surf rock, punk and what the band calls dirty doo wop, The Frights formed in San Diego, California in 2012. They have just released their second full-length album You Are Going To Hate This. Produced by Fidlar’s Zac Carper, You Are Going To Hate This is a more focused effort than the band’s debut album, The Frights.

Check out the interview I did with Mikey:

Shotgun Jimmie CJAM Session

Additionally, at the end of May Shotgun Jimmie stopped by Phog Lounge with José Contreras (of By Divine Right). They stopped by CJAM FM’s studios to record the second CJAM Session (one of these songs was featured on this week’s episode of Revolution Rock). Shotgun Jimmie performed three songs acoustically with José, one of which was a new song entitled “I’m Already There, Sunshine” that is from a forthcoming album by The Heat Death. This is a new band/album featuring both Shotgun Jimmie and José Contreras.

Check out this CJAM Session:

Saturday Night Playlist:

1. The Mystery Lights - Follow Me Home
2. Chad Vangaalen - All Will Combine
3. Car Seat Headrest - Joe Gets Kicked Out of School For Using Drugs With Friends (But Says This Isn't A Problem)
4. Transistors - On Cashel St.
5. Weird Lines - Twin Summers
6. Foxhart Fishman - The Deed
7. Flipper - Life Is Cheap
8. The Frights - Kids

Firghts Interview

9. The Frights - Afraid Of The Dark
10. Shotgun Jimmie - Join The Band (CJAM Session)
11. The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping
12. The Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing (Take 1 - Outtake)
13. The Beatles - Paperback Writer (Takes 1 & 2)
14. The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
15. The Brandy Alexanders - Conventional Lie
16. Dinosaur Jr. - Tiny
17. The Hot Nasties - Vlad The Poet
18. The Dream Dates - Search & Destroy
19. White Lung - Kiss Me When I Bleed
20. Blondie - (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear
21. The Rezillos - It Gets Me
22. Protomartyr - Ain't So Simple

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for August 6.